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Welcome to the website of  ‘De Bekende Weg’.
‘De Bekende Weg’ is Dutch for the inner path we follow during life, realising the Soul’s Experiment, called ‘Living in a body’. In order to survive the material world based on duality, we develop a personality as a vehicle and it is because of that we almost forget our original Nature beyond daily life affaires. 
To be remembered to your Essence an astrological chart reading or a psychic reading can be an option. We can also offer you astrological courses on different levels for further understanding of your spiritual path. Caelestis, School for Astrology, Awareness and Spirituality, is meant for those who want to become a professional astrologer.
The readings, lectures and workshops can also be English spoken. 
Caelestis has a student exchange with the Irish, Dublin based, Blue Rose astrology school. Andrew Smith and Karen Morgan and Caelestis have both a spiritual way of using astrology. 
International contacts are a fine tribute to the unfolding global consciousness and the exchanges both in Ireland and in The Netherlands are a great opportunity for all to expand their knowledge.  

If you are interested in spiritual astrology, please contact us for more information about readings and courses, also in the UK.
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